No Reserve: Leicester Contemporary

15 October - 5 November 2021

InFems (Intersectional Feminist Art Collective) evolved out of its founder-member's mutual interest in both the potential of intersectional feminism to provoke discussion around the issues facing women today and in their explorations of the female body. Created with the intention of implementing a new model of practice where collaborative working replaces hierarchy and mentorship replaces competition, InFems aims to empower women and girls in their creative endeavours.

No Reserve, curated by InFems at Leicester Contemporary 15 October - 5 November 2021.


InFems Artists: Adelaide Damoah, Wendy Elia, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Roxana Halls, Marie-Anne Mancio


Guest Artists: Macha Barnden, Hatty Buchanan, Mita Vaghela, Lucy Cade-Stewart