The work of London-born artist Hatty Buchanan draws on the many unorthodox people, places and situations she has known to explore the dynamics of relationships and nature of power struggles. Her work encompasses table-top and wall sculptures, together with typewriter based collages, working at a scale that promotes an intimate encounter.


Growing-up in London, surrounded and inspired by myriad underground club, fashion and music cultures, Hatty’s work connects to deeply personal narratives driven by an intense desire to find an escape from the veneer of normality.


Working for many years in the esoteric world of professional theatre and film production, the work incorporates a wide range of contrasting influences to probe how different realities might co-exist, by bringing them together in simple but essential combinations.


Typically mixing domestic materials and found objects - synthetic fur with brass, aluminium with knitted rubber, Perspex and pebbles - the work aims to create a tension between formal authority and nonconformist energy.


Running throughout Hatty’s work is a playful approach towards the productive tensions between opposites: order versus chaos; logic versus intuition; discipline versus anarchy; control versus release; survival versus self-destruction. In these contrasts, Hatty seeks to evoke the kind of balances and oppositions that are inherent to her narrative and life itself.