Fuelled by a love of fashion, form, and material, Hatty draws on personal narratives to explore the complex nature of identity and power dynamics of relationships through work that exists between abstraction and figuration.



Aged fourteen and a natural loner seeking an escape, she immersed herself in London's underground culture of the 1980s and beyond, thanks to progressive parents who dropped her off with a fiver for her cab fare home. There, amongst the criminals, poets, musicians, sex workers, fashionistas, drag and burlesque queens of a myriad subcultures she observed the unspooling stories of a host of unconventional characters.


She subsequently worked professionally for many years in the esoteric world of theatre and film production, where she met an array of writers, actors, musicians and designers, many of them Broadway legends.


Her aesthetic involves a particular type of tactility and usage of common items, often those related to clothing. Yet her work is also soaked with art-historical references and a theatrical playfulness, creating a tension between formal authority and nonconformist energy. Typically fusing traditional and domestic materials with ready made elements - oil painted canvas with synthetic fur, aluminium with knitted rubber, plastic and pebbles, paper and sequins - Hatty creates unexpected but delicate combinations that probe how different realities might co-exist.


Running throughout the work is a playfulness towards the productive tensions among opposites: high- and low-brow; order versus chaos; logic versus intuition; discipline versus anarchy; control versus release; survival versus self-destruction. In these contrasts, Hatty evokes the kind of balances and oppositions inherent to her own experiences.


Hatty's work includes textile-based assemblages, typewriter collages, and table-top sculptures.