The Comrades They Were Brave: 44 GRS Gallery, London

17 March - 10 April 2022

Textiles are key to the work of Hatty Buchanan. From Buchanan's engaging 'Alter Ego Series', 2022, of painted linen and fake fur, come Maud, Elsie and Irene, here hung from bamboo sticks, dissolv­ing boundaries between craft and fine art and between painting and sculpture. Linen rectangles are stitched together, fringed with tufts that play with the notion of banners, but the trailing threads suggest vulnerabil­ity and an unruly attitude towards seams. These works are packed with painterly and performative purpose, referencing formalist painting as strongly as the tradition of sewing as women's work with clever rebelliousness.

Art Monthly, May 2022, Cherry Smythe

This exhibition brings together seven contemporary artists who all engage in defiance. Conceived as an homage to Edith Garrud (1872- 1971), Jiujitsu martial arts teacher to the suffragettes, it explores the theme of fighting for a cause. 


Artists: Cecilia Sjoholm,  Deborah Tchoudjinoff, Garth Gratrix, Hatty Buchanan, Iain Hales, Jillian Knipe, and Laura Moreton-Griffiths.


The Comrades They Were Brave 

44GRS Gallery

44 Great Russell Street

London WC1B 3JL 


Curated by Cecilia Sjoholm. 

With thanks to Harold Offeh and Morgan Quaintance for guidance. 

Catalogue essay by Chris Fite-Wassalik. 

Supported by Arts Council England. 

Installation Views